Liquidation of company or bayin it out


The liquidation of an enterprise is recommended in the following cases:

  • When you have achieved your goals
  • If you have contradictions with partners
  • If the equity is negative
  • When the company is in debt
  • When there are intractable disputes with employees
  • If other disputes have arisen that cannot be resolved
  • When a company has poor-quality accounting
  • When there are protracted legal disputes
  • When there are tax arrears

We are focused on two core principles for the liquidation of enterprises

Selling companies with their subsequent liquidation

The sale of an enterprise together with its liquidation is the most effective means for companies in trouble.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, this is the most energy-saving solution for addressing certain problems. Because when taking this decision, you save your time, your money and your nerves.

Company liquidation under the Commercial Code regulations

The liquidation of a company is regulated by the Commercial Code and other legal acts in force.

Liquidation proceedings under the Commercial Code can only be carried out if an enterprise has no debts and accounts are in order.

The entire liquidation process takes at least 6 months.

Each case is unique and thanks to our experience we will offer you the best possible solution for addressing your problems.

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