Founder Mareks B

I performed my first commercial operation in my school years. It was a simple deal of reselling several motorcycles to collectors in Finland. Today this looks childish, but I was only 16 then, so my friend and I had the right to believe that we had earned good money honestly. It so happened that my first step in business turned out to be similar to the start of Frank Cowperwood, the hero of Theodore Dreiser’s cult novel The Financier. Then I worked hard, learned a lot, getting bumps and bruises and obtaining “blessings”, while gaining important practical experience.

Everything that I did, when I was engaged in business in Latvia and Estonia, was successful, to a greater or lesser extent. One day, when I came home late at night, I admitted to myself that that it would be more interesting for me to work directly with people, to help them overcome complex problems, by doing it with competence and knowledge of the matter. After that, I decided to build a new project, not only to earn money, but also to benefit others, and to some extent, to tell you the truth, to enjoy myself. This is how the “El Marco” Consulting Agency OÜ appeared.


Our History

Our company helps citizens of EU and other countries to move to Estonia and obtain living permit and other permits and necessary documents.
If you would like to start a business in Estonia, to found a company or to buy a ready company or liquidate existing one, then don’t hesitate to contact us.  It is in our interest to ensure your business success in Estonia. We are able to help you to optimise your cash flow, like we can help to legalize the funds which you plan to invest into business in Estonia and EU.


Our Partners

Our company cooperates with different partners like leading law firms in Estonia, accountants and tax law specialist, which allows us to provide comprehensive assistance in the field of Estonian and EU law.


Start a Business

It does not matter if you want to start a business in Estonia or EU, if you would like to obtain legal right to live in Schengen country or something else we will help you for your and your family’s sake. If you are interested in previously listed services, then send us your inquiry and we will contact you within one working day.